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FEMA Establishes Chatroom for Dialogue with the Private Sector in Hurricane Florence Recovery Effort

FEMA recently created a chatroom which will allow for ongoing dialogue with private sector organizations. Participants can access the new Private Sector Collaboration Dashboard as a guest, or can set up a user name and password.

A press release describing the chatroom urges private sector partners to follow its recommendations for message coordination, and to share an array of messages about preparedness and response to Hurricane Florence.

These messages include:

  • Follow the directions of local officials
  • Avoid affected areas
  • Keep out of the water
  • Be aware that power, water, and communications outages may be extensive
  • Cash is best for donations to recognized disaster relief organizations.

The press release also notes that FEMA incident Management Assistance Teams are currently located in state emergency operations centers in the District of Columbia and three states—North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia—to “ensure readiness response activities and ensure there are no unmet needs. Assets deployed include the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, and support from 29 different states through the Emergency Management Assistance Compact.