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With help from IEDC, two small Texas Cities on the Gulf Coast Rally in 2018 to Recover from Hurricane Harvey

On August 25, 2017, after Hurricane Harvey struck the Gulf Coast, the small Texas cities of Rockport and Fulton faced a true crisis. With $125 billion in damage from Harvey, most of the attention of the media and federal government was focused on damage to the Houston Metropolitan area, to the large Gulf oil refineries, and to larger coastal cities like Bay City and Beaumont-Port Arthur. But for ... [Read Full Post]

Allison Larsen, IEDC Volunteer, Makes Strategizing Pay Off for Rockport/Fulton Texas

Allison Larsen is a woman who values a good strategy. As an IEDC volunteer to the Texas Gulf Coast following Hurricane Harvey in August 2017, Larsen traveled to Rockport, Texas, to work with the Rockport-Fulton Chamber of Commerce and its CEO, Diane Probst. Together they pursued action planning with local government officials and downtown business owners. Larsen journeyed to Texas from the Phoenix, Arizona, area where she is the ... [Read Full Post]

IEDC’s Thoughts Are with California in the Aftermath of Wildfires

The International Economic Development Council’s thoughts are with the people of California as they work through the aftermath of this year's devastating wildfires. California has just experienced the worst fire in the state's history, the Camp Fire, and this disaster comes on the heels of other massively damaging events such as the Carr, Mendocino Complex, and Woolsey fires in what has been the most destructive wildfire season ... [Read Full Post]

In the Wake of Super Typhoon Yutu, Our Hearts Go Out to the Northern Mariana Islands

The International Economic Development Council’s thoughts are with the people of the Northern Mariana Islands as they cope with the aftermath of Super Typhoon Yutu. The storm was a historic weather event, with winds reaching speeds of 174 miles per hour, the equivalent of a Category Five hurricane. It is the strongest storm on record to hit the U.S. territory, home to 55,000 people. Thousands and now without electricity ... [Read Full Post]

Volunteer Gary Conley Supports post-Hurricane Harvey Manufacturing Incubator Initiative in Houston

As part of economic recovery efforts for Hurricane Harvey communities, Gary Conley traveled to Houston recently as an IEDC volunteer, where he worked to help develop the East End Maker Hub. The Hub is a proposed new small business incubator in the city. Conley’s task was to tap his expertise in real estate and business development to assess whether there was sufficient demand for the Hub to be viable. The Maker Hub, a part of Houston ... [Read Full Post]