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Webinars for economic development in small and rural Communities that have faced disinvestment

This series of six webinars addressed top challenges faced by small and rural communities who had coal impacted economies and explored opportunities for these communities to build and diversify their economies. Click below to access the full webinar recording, as well as the presentations and the biographies of the speakers. Business Retention and Expansion Programs for Existing Businesses Marketing Strategies and Tactics ... [Read Full Post]

Webinar Recording: Maximizing the Use of Federal and State Tools for Economic Development

Take advantage of assistance readily available to you, while also learning how to influence and shape projects in your region. You’ll hear how to partner with regional, state and federal authorities to accomplish your goals. This webinar will show you how to use available technical assistance that can help you advance your objectives Click here to download the webinar recording [Read Full Post]

Webinar Recording: Preserving Our Stories – Opportunities for Heritage Tourism

Increasingly, visitors are looking to experience the history and heritage of a region. What great stories does your community have to tell? This webinar will reveal ways to partner in larger regional storytelling, and how to link your stories to a wider audience with technology. This webinar, held on March 15, 2017, is the fifth in the six-part mini-series of disaster-recovery webinars targeted to ... [Read Full Post]

Webinar Recording: Dealing with Dilapidated and Abandoned Properties- Economic Development Best Practices

Every community has them – properties which used to shine but are now dilapidated, abandoned, or both. These eyesores can lower the value of surrounding properties and inhibit the ability of the community to attract new residents and businesses. Tune in to this webinar to learn how to turn a population decline into a new opportunity to attract and retain businesses. You will better ... [Read Full Post]

Webinar Recording: Rivers & Recreational Trails as Attractions for Tourism and Business Development

This webinar, held on February 15, 2017, is the third in the six-part mini-series of disaster-recovery webinars targeted to small, rural communities in coal-impacted communities. Rivers can be a destination in your community. In your downtown, they can add a new dimension to historic Main Street, enhancing its appeal for residents and visitors alike, and creating a better market that can attract new businesses. ... [Read Full Post]