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IEDC’s Thoughts Are with California in the Aftermath of Wildfires

The International Economic Development Council’s thoughts are with the people of California as they work through the aftermath of this year's devastating wildfires. California has just experienced the worst fire in the state's history, the Camp Fire, and this disaster comes on the heels of other massively damaging events such as the Carr, Mendocino Complex, and Woolsey fires in what has been the most destructive wildfire season ... [Read Full Post]

In the Wake of Super Typhoon Yutu, Our Hearts Go Out to the Northern Mariana Islands

The International Economic Development Council’s thoughts are with the people of the Northern Mariana Islands as they cope with the aftermath of Super Typhoon Yutu. The storm was a historic weather event, with winds reaching speeds of 174 miles per hour, the equivalent of a Category Five hurricane. It is the strongest storm on record to hit the U.S. territory, home to 55,000 people. Thousands and now without electricity ... [Read Full Post]

Volunteer Gary Conley Supports post-Hurricane Harvey Manufacturing Incubator Initiative in Houston

As part of economic recovery efforts for Hurricane Harvey communities, Gary Conley traveled to Houston recently as an IEDC volunteer, where he worked to help develop the East End Maker Hub. The Hub is a proposed new small business incubator in the city. Conley’s task was to tap his expertise in real estate and business development to assess whether there was sufficient demand for the Hub to be viable. The Maker Hub, a part of Houston ... [Read Full Post]

FEMA Establishes Chatroom for Dialogue with the Private Sector in Hurricane Florence Recovery Effort

FEMA recently created a chatroom which will allow for ongoing dialogue with private sector organizations. Participants can access the new Private Sector Collaboration Dashboard as a guest, or can set up a user name and password. A press release describing the chatroom urges private sector partners to follow its recommendations for message coordination, and to share an array of messages about preparedness and response to Hurricane Florence. These messages include: Follow the directions of local officials Avoid affected ... [Read Full Post]

GAO Report Reviews 2017 Government Recovery Effort: Overall Praise for Follow-up after Hurricanes Harvey, Irma; but Criticism for Maria Response

A recent GAO report praised the U.S government’s recovery efforts after hurricanes and wildfires in 2017 in Texas, Florida, and California – while criticizing the response to Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. Titled 2017 Hurricanes and Wildfires: Initial Observations on the Federal Response and Key Recovery Challenges, the 133-page study was released on September 4. “Federal and state preparedness and coordination efforts prior to and after the 2017 hurricane and wildfire disasters facilitated the response [to ... [Read Full Post]