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Webinar Recording: Marketing Strategies and Tactics for Small and Rural Communities

This webinar, held on February 2, 2017, is the second in a six-part mini-series of disaster-recovery webinars targeted to small, rural communities in coal-impacted communities. Social media and online digital tools have helped level the playing field between urban and rural communities. Through technology and partnerships, rural communities can share their stories and attract investment, talent, and visitors. Three IEDC experts provided guidance on ... [Read Full Post]

Webinar Recording: Business Retention & Expansion (BRE) Programs for Existing Businesses

This webinar, held on January 26, 2017, is the first of a six-part mini-series of disaster-recovery webinars targeted to small, rural communities in coal-impacted communities.  Three IEDC experts provided strategies on how to support your existing businesses through an economic crisis induced by industry contraction.  You will learn how to reach out to your businesses in an organized way, and with your limited resources. ... [Read Full Post]

Webinar Recording – Guiding Your Community Image and Brand Through A Disaster

On December 8, 2016 IEDC held  this webinar titled Guiding Your Community Image and Brand Through a Disaster. After a disaster, the images of destruction in your community can be powerful messages of the impact and demonstration of need for assistance in recovery. These images can also cause serious damage to a community image or brand, especially for areas that rely on tourism. If visitors, or even your neighbors, ... [Read Full Post]

Webinar Recording – Asset Mapping for Economic Resilience – November 15, 2016 – 2:30-4:00 ET

On November 15th IEDC held this webinar titled Asset Mapping for Economic Resilience. Knowing the assets of a community can make all the difference in reinvigorating and diversifying an economy. A community can have many different kinds of assets, such as individuals, their capacities and abilities; organizations and their resources; cultural and physical assets, and more. Asset mapping is designed to promote connections ... [Read Full Post]

Webinar Recording – Building Resilience in Rural and Small Communities

On October 13, 2016, IEDC held the webinar titled Building Resilience in Rural and Small Communities. As a rural or small community, a disaster or crisis that impacts a few businesses can have a larger economic effect compared to bigger cities because of the smaller economy. Rural communities can also face issues of capacity and funding of disaster preparedness activities. Attendees in this ... [Read Full Post]