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Webinar Recording – Identifying Economic Recovery Priorities

On November 12, 2015 IEDC held a webinar on Identifying Economic Recovery Priorities. Following a disaster, there are varying visions for the community’s recovery. To create a thorough recovery plan, it is essential to start by understanding the different perspectives. This collaborative process of bringing stakeholders together, hosting focus groups and actively participating in visioning sessions can ... [Read Full Post]

NADO Research Foundation Releases New Report and Website on Regional Resilience

The NADO Research Foundation has released Planning for a More Resilient Future: A Guide to Regional Approaches, a report that summarizes the rapidly-growing body of research on resilience, describing the main ideas that are driving policy and practice across the country and examining current thinking on regional and economic resilience.  It is intended for regional development organizations as well as local governments, community foundations, voluntary organizations, ... [Read Full Post]

Hurricane Katrina, 10 years Later: Reflecting on Then and Now

Gulf Coast residents knew it was coming, and they knew it would be bad – but few probably imagined just how devastating it would be. Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast on August 29, 2005, flooding 80 percent of New Orleans, obliterating entire towns in Mississippi, killing more than 1,500 people and causing billions in damages (Time; Washington Post). ... [Read Full Post]

Webinar Recording – Developing an Entrepreneurship Ecosystem for Resiliency

IEDC held a webinar on August 6 titled Developing an Entrepreneurship Ecosystem for Resiliency. Entrepreneurs are the rainbow following the storm for many communities. Not only are they creating jobs, filling a vacant space, and possibly, contributing to the diversity of the economy, they can spark the rebirth of a community. Creating and nurturing an active ecosystem prior to a disaster can retain the ... [Read Full Post]

Webinar Recording – Building Resilience in Your Economy

IEDC on July 22 held this webinar on Building Resilience in Your Economy. Everyone’s talking about resilience. What does it mean for your community? EDOs are often unexpectedly called to action when there’s a manmade or natural event that suddenly disrupts the economy. Whether you’re considering the results of a major plant closure or a flooded downtown, often times ... [Read Full Post]