Disaster Preparedness • Economic Recovery • Resilience

Capacity Building

Immediately following a disaster, economic development organizations and chambers of commerce are likely to be operating at reduced capacity. This topic provides resources to help build capacity to meet the post-disaster demand. To learn more about capacity building for economic recovery please visit this restoreyoureconomy.org page.

Building Organizational Capacity for Disaster Recovery in Small Communities and Rural Places Webinar

On May 15th, 2013 IEDC hosted a webinar on building organizational capacity for disaster recovery in small communities and rural places with Tish Williams, the Executive Director of the Hanc… …more

Leadership in a Time of Crisis: A Toolkit for Economic Recovery and Resiliency

IEDC is proud to announce the release of a revised Leadership in a Time of Crisis toolkit. The toolkit was developed by IEDC with nationwide input and funded in part by grants from the U.S…. …more

Connecting Entrepreneurs to Capital: Workshop Presentation

Given to stakeholders in Southwest Louisiana on September 12, 2013, this presentation was designed for small business support organizations, funders, and entrepreneurs by Jon Gregory, Managi… …more

Engaging the Private Sector in Successful Long-term Disaster Recovery Presentation

Outlined in this presentation are the roles of economic developers in post-disaster economic recovery and reasons to engage the economic development community in a community’s long-term pl… …more

How Prepared is Your Business or School? Ready Rating Webinar

If you’re interested in making your organization better prepared for disaster and emergency events, watch this webinar to hear from Red Cross staff and a Ready Rating Member about this progr… …more

New Orleans Public-Private Economic Development Partnership: Organizational and Operational Plan

This May, 2008 report outlines the mission, vision, creation, and structure of a new public-private economic development partnership in the City of New Orleans. Business groups, economic dev… …more

Pre-Disaster Planning Activities for Community Preparation Presentation

This presentation discusses pre-disaster planning activities that economic development & recovery stakeholders can engage in to prepare their community for a potential disaster and to sp… …more

Public Entity Risk Institute (PERI)

The Public Entity Risk Institute (PERI) seeks to create awareness about the role of risk management in organizational success. Their website serves as a resource for public entities, small b… …more

Six Priorities for Short-term Economic Recovery After a Disaster

Six priorities from IEDCs extensive post-disaster economic recovery work since 2005. These are what EDOs and chamber of commerces should prioritize in the weeks and months after a disaster. …more

Webinar Recording -How to Write a Winning Grant Application

On November 21 from 2:30-4:00EST IEDC held a webinar on how to write a winning grant application. When planning for or responding to a disaster, community leaders should take advantage of t… …more

Webinar Recording: Establishing a 501c3 for Economic Development & Recovery

On March 13th, 2014, IEDC held  the Establishing a 501c3 for Economic Development & Recovery webinar. In communities that have demonstrated resiliency in facing a major crisis, economic… …more

Webinar Recording: Fundraising Strategies for Economic Transformation

IEDC hosted a webinar on August 28 titled Fundraising Strategies for Economic Transformation. Years after a disaster public funding for recovery dwindles but the economy is still recovering…. …more

Webinar Recording: Preparing for the Unexpected: Is Your Organization Ready?

On February 12th, 2014, IEDC presented the webinar on “Preparing for the Unexpected: Is Your Organization Ready”. Organizations with their own preparedness plans in place are a more effectiv… …more

Webinar: Prioritizing Economic Recovery Actions Following a Major Disaster

IEDC hosted a webinar featuring two organizations serving on the ground in economic recovery efforts following major disasters: 1) an EF-5 tornado which touched down in May 2011, devastating 1/3 of Joplin, Missouri and 2) Jefferson Parish (next to New Orleans) which was completely flooded by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. …more