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Disaster Preparedness & Planning

Leadership in a Time of Crisis: A Toolkit for Economic Recovery and Resiliency

IEDC is proud to announce the release of a revised Leadership in a Time of Crisis toolkit. The toolkit was developed by IEDC with nationwide input and funded in part by grants from the U.S….…more

A Review of RestoreYourEconomy.org

This presentation includes a review of resources on RestoreYourEconomy.org, discusses short and long-term strategies for economic recovery, and presents several case studies on communities p……more

Business Continuity Planning Suite Software

If you need more help getting a business or organization prepared, please use the new Business Continuity Planning Suite developed by DHS’ National Protection and Programs Directorate and ……more

Disaster Preparedness for Post-Disaster Economic Recovery

Outlined in this presentation are topics of disaster preparedness for a post-disaster economic recovery. Topics include, financing, capacity building, business community engagement, workforc……more

Doing Business with FEMA and Additional Business Preparedness Resources Webinar

Is your business or organization looking to become more engaged with your community in advance of, during, and after emergencies?  According to the Insurance Information Institute “40% of……more

Economic Development When Rebuilding – Fostering Growth after a Disaster

The Economic Development When Rebuilding — Fostering Growth after a Disaster (1999) guide by the University of Florida’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences gives brief direction……more

Experiences from Past Disasters Offer Insights for Effective Collaboration after Catastrophic Events,

Experiences from Past Disasters Offer Insights for Effective Collaboration after Catastrophic Events, Government Accounting Office (GAO), July 2009, reviews five catastrophic disasters : the……more

Financial Resiliency in the Face of Disasters Webinar Recording

On July 19, 2013 the Rural Policy Research Institute (RUPRI) and the National Association of Development Organizations (NADO)  hosted a webinar that focused on how regions and communit……more

Guide – Community Response to Technological Disasters

The purpose of the “Community Response to Technological Disasters” guidebook is to help community officials and individuals throughout a region affected by a technological disaster recog……more

How Prepared is Your Business or School? Ready Rating Webinar

If you’re interested in making your organization better prepared for disaster and emergency events, watch this webinar to hear from Red Cross staff and a Ready Rating Member about this progr……more

Leadership in Times of Crisis: Colorado – A Toolkit for Economic Recovery and Resiliency

Developed by IEDC with nationwide input and funded in part by a grant from the U.S. Commerce Department’s Economic Development Administration, this Toolkit is tailored to the state of Colo……more

Louisiana Speaks: Long-term Community Recovery Planning

Louisiana Speaks: Long-term Community Recovery Planning tool provides pre- and post-disaster planning resources for the folks in Southern Louisiana and beyond. Many resources can be adapted ……more

Planning Fire-Resilient Counties in the Wildland-Urban Interface

Published by National Association of Counties(NACo) this publication is a guide to wildfire risk and mitigation. With nearly 80,000 wildfires occurring during one year in 2008 it is importan……more

Post-Disaster Recovery Planning Forum: How-To Guide

This guide from the Partnership for Disaster Resilience provides a process for communities to start disaster preparedness for catastrophic events by engaging partners in identifying the crit……more

Post-Disaster Redevelopment Planning (PDRP) in Florida

The Post-Disaster Redevelopment Planning (PDRP) in Florida identifies policies, operational strategies, and roles and responsibilities for implementation that will guide decisions that affec……more

Pre-Disaster Planning Activities for Community Preparation Presentation

This presentation discusses pre-disaster planning activities that economic development & recovery stakeholders can engage in to prepare their community for a potential disaster and to sp……more

Resources for Business Preparedness Webinar

This webinar features three presentations on three programs for business preparedness. This includes the Red Cross Ready Rating program, Open for Business, and the Prepare My Business Progra……more

Sample Business Recovery Guide

To inform local businesses of valuable business assistance resources after a disaster, organizations need to consider creating a small business recovery resource guide. One such business res……more

SBA’s Disaster Preparedness and Recovery Plan (DPRP)

The Disaster Preparedness and Recovery Plan (DPRP) replaces the Small Business Administration’s Disaster Recovery Plan in its entirety. While the DPRP represents a new document to meet the……more

Seminar- Leading Economically Resilient Communities: What Public Officials Need to Prioritize Before & After a Major Economic Disruption

After a major disaster, local governing becomes increasingly complex for public officials who face challenges of communication, maintaining financial stability, and determining resource allo……more

Survey of Local Governments in San Francisco Bay Area

This survey of local governments in San Francisco Bay Area has a business recovery chapter, which looks at how land use and the economy are tied together, demonstrating the need to plan for ……more

Webinar: How to Engage Local Businesses in Critical Disaster Preparation Activities

This webinar features the Charleston Metro Chamber Business efforts to assist businesses in business continuity efforts. Learn how to effectively recruit local businesses in preparation activities…more

Webinar: Initiatives to Protect Community Assets from Disaster

Learn how Florida communities are taking initiatives to involve local businesses in a discussion of land-use decisions and redevelopment in the event of a disaster. …more