Disaster Preparedness • Economic Recovery • Resilience


Strong leadership both pre and post disaster can make a dramatic difference in the economic recovery and preparedness of a region or community. These resources will provide tips and guides on how to strongly lead pre and post disaster to better equip your organization, community, or region with recovery and preparedness.

Leadership in a Time of Crisis: A Toolkit for Economic Recovery and Resiliency

IEDC is proud to announce the release of a revised Leadership in a Time of Crisis toolkit. The toolkit was developed by IEDC with nationwide input and funded in part by grants from the U.S…. …more

Business Recovery Center Model – Mississippi Gulf Coast

The Deepwater Horizon Oil spill has had far-reaching impacts for the entire Gulf Coast and beyond. Despite these impacts, the Mississippi Coastal Region has an opportunity to transform its f… …more

NADO’s Regional Resilience Report

The NADO Research Foundation is pleased to announce the release of a new special report, Regional Resilience. The issue brief summarizes recent research and practice on economic and communit… …more

Peer Learning Forum of Innovative Approaches to Disaster Recovery and Economic Resiliency

This report from June, 2011 outlines the existing roles being played by Economic Development Districts (EDDs) in disaster recovery and resiliency, including policy, program and organizationa… …more

Seminar- Leading Economically Resilient Communities: What Public Officials Need to Prioritize Before & After a Major Economic Disruption

After a major disaster, local governing becomes increasingly complex for public officials who face challenges of communication, maintaining financial stability, and determining resource allo… …more

What a Successful Disaster Recovery Looks Like Whitepaper

This whitepaper, a publication of the Business Civic Leadership Center (BCLC), is designed to inform community leaders and federal policymakers on what a successful disaster recovery looks l… …more