Disaster Preparedness • Economic Recovery • Resilience

Call for Volunteers for Disaster Recovery and Preparedness

Members of the International Economic Development Council (IEDC) have asked how they can assist communities impacted by disasters. Many communities throughout the country are in the long-term recovery phase from disasters and severe economic disruptions occur every year.

If you are looking to make a contribution beyond your community by serving as a volunteer for disaster recovery, IEDC is interested in hearing from you!

Type of Volunteer Opportunities

IEDC is always recruiting members to volunteer their professional expertise toward the recovery of disaster-impacted communities. Opportunities may include:

  • serving on a panel of advisers to provide technical assistance services for 3 to 4 days in an impacted community;
  • deploying for a week to work on a particular recovery task;
  • speaking on a webinar, seminar, or conference session;
  • serving as a content advisor;
  • providing training assistance or serving as a course instructor.

As a volunteer, you can serve as little as a few hours from their home base or as much as one to two weeks in a community, depending on the assignment. Travel expenses will be covered.

Volunteering will provide you the opportunity to provide valuable, practitioner-oriented advice to these communities. You also can play a key role in expanding capacity at a time when other resources are exhausted. Certified Economic Developers (CEcD) can receive Level II credit toward recertification for participating.

To Confirm Interest in Volunteering

Please click here to complete a brief survey to express your expertise and interest in volunteer opportunities. Completing this survey does not obligate you to provide any volunteer assistance but helps IEDC to follow up with you should volunteers be needed. We ask you to be patient and flexible as IEDC works with its partners to assess needs and place our volunteers for the most efficient and effective response.

If you have specific questions about volunteering, please send them to restore@iedconline.org.

Quotes From Past Volunteers

“Every business that I met with was very appreciative of the time that we spent together and said that they benefited from the meeting. I feel I did make a positive impact.”

“Comments back to me such as ‘this is the best thing to happen to me’, and ‘this is just what I needed’, and ‘you’ve really got me thinking about this in a whole new way–one that is positive!’… made the whole trip worthwhile.”

“All of these businesses appreciated the counseling sessions immensely. I believe that the outcomes in terms of jobs, alleviated business expenses, and improved business planning will far outweigh the minimal expense of this program”.

“I truly felt the counseling was effective in terms of advice that was provided on anything from debt restructuring, disaster financing programs available, or organizational expansion, insurance issues, and an encouragement to these businesses.”

“I feel I was able to use many skill sets to assist businesses in evaluating their business plans post Katrina. The assignment was useful because many business owners benefited from having another objective opinion on their business strategies and options.”

Important Volunteer Documents

Travel Reimbursement Policy (pdf) – please refer to this document for details about reimbursable expenses.

Inkind Form for Volunteers (pdf) – return this form to IEDC at the end of your mission for IEDC to evaluate the value of your inkind professional services.