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VtSBDC Disaster Recovery Guide for Business

The Guide was produced by the VtSBDC Staff in response to the day to day challenges that were faced by the businesses we advised in the days, weeks and months following Tropical Storm Irene. This is the Guide we wished we had had in our hands the day after the storm.

We learned that the businesses that we dealt with, regardless of their size or sustainability, were all hit hard by the enormity of the task before them and we wanted to give future businesses and the advisors/officials who will deal with them a thoughtful and comprehensive roadmap. We also know it is not a simple or brief process…recovery takes months, years.

Therefore the VtSBDC DRG for Businesses includes:

  1. A bound 72-page guide that directs the business owner thru the steps necessary to make solid and informed decisions about their post-disaster recovery.
  2. A series of worksheets that provide checklists and data collection sheets to gather all the information they need to make informed decisions.

The information in this guide can be used in the aftermath of any disaster (whether one suffered by an individual business or in the aftermath of a large natural disaster).

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