SBA’s Disaster Preparedness and Recovery Plan (DPRP)

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The Disaster Preparedness and Recovery Plan (DPRP) replaces the Small Business Administration’s Disaster Recovery Plan in its entirety. While the DPRP represents a new document to meet the requirements of Presidential Policy Directive (PPD) 8, National Preparedness, published in 2011, it retains all the policies and processes established for the Disaster Loan Program published in previous editions of the Disaster Recovery Plan and complies with the Small Business Disaster Response and Loan Improvements Act of 2008. Key features of the 2012 DPRP include:
  • Expands discussion of the application of SBA’s programs, beyond the Disaster Loan Program, to meet small business disaster recovery needs supported by the Economic Recovery Support Function outlined in the National Disaster Recovery Framework, published in 2011.
  • Adds references for all preparedness components specified in PPD-8: prevention, protection, mitigation, response, and recovery.
  • Adds context for executing SBA continuity of operations plans in conjunction with the Disaster Loan Program.
  • Reformats the material in the Disaster Recovery Plan to better align the DPRP to serve as the departmental-level operational plan required by PPD-8 to support interagency operational plans.


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