Texas Return to Work Initiative Seeks Feedback from Businesses, ED Stakeholders

On July 15, the Texas Association of Business, Texas Economic Development Council, Texas Chamber of Commerce Executives, North Texas Commission, and other Texas businesses and stakeholders came together to launch the Texas Return to Work Initiative. This effort includes an interactive resource guide and series of  employer surveys intended to better understand the impact of COVID-19 on Texas businesses, employees, and economies. 

The survey asks about employee and employer experiences throughout the pandemic: how prepared they felt; the major issues faced; biggest concerns; and how staffing and revenue have been impacted. By gathering and sharing current data, the initiative aims to offer improved resources to Texas businesses and to inform strategy and policy decisions. The lead organizations are seeking widespread participation in the survey in order to inform community-specific solutions and increase public confidence. 

As the pandemic continues, the resource guide will be updated with current information on a variety of topics ranging from legal issues to child care, mental health and more. The resource guide and survey can be found here.


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