Introduction to the National Disaster Recovery Framework Webinar

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Watch a webinar about the recently released National Disaster Recovery Framework (NDRF).  The NDRF defines how we will work together as a nation to best meet the disaster recovery needs of individuals, families, communities and states. A collaborative process, involving leaders from the Whole Community, was used for developing the NDRF and is intended to provide a clear picture for all involved in disaster recovery operations.  The NDRF is focused on how to restore, redevelop, and revitalize the infrastructure, housing, health, social, economic, natural and environmental components of the community in the aftermath of a disaster by ensuring inclusiveness, leadership, coordination and recovery planning at all levels of government. The NDRF is based on the principle that all emergency management partners, including the private sector, non-profit organizations, faith-based organizations, individual citizens, as well as local, state, tribal and federal government agencies have a role to play in the recovery process.  And in catastrophic scenarios, leveraging resources of the Whole Community to meet the needs of disaster impacted communities is essential . Watch the webinar to learn more about how the National Disaster Recovery Framework provides a more inclusive, collaborative and comprehensive approach to address disaster recovery issues and challenges.   View Presentation Slides   To learn more about this webinar click here.


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