Seven Forces Reshaping the Economy

The pandemic has drastically changed the economy, in ways that can be hard to grasp. That's why a new resource from the Kenan Institute of Private Enterprise at UNC is especially helpful. The Institute partnered with the North Carolina CEO Leadership Forum to produce a new report, Seven Forces Reshaping the Economy to help understand the opportunities for long-term change that will bring better economic outcomes for more people. 

The report is one of a series that turns its lens on the national predicament, and then focuses on opportunities and policies for North Carolina. The seven forces on a national level are: 

Changes in Work, Travel, and Migration Patterns

Accelerating Shifts Toward On-Demand and At-Home Retail 

Onshoring and Widening of Supply Chains

Renewed Focus on Diversity and Systemic Racism

Upending of Education and Childcare

Shocks to Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Demand

 Risk Reassessment by Capital Providers 

The report recognizes that these issues are not easily solved, and recommends addressing them in 20-year increments. While it can be difficult to think long-term, it also opens up some opportunities; for example, while labor markets are slack, a more concentrated upskilling effort can take place, which will impact future income growth for those currently out of work. 


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