Closing the Financial Gap: New Partnerships Between the Public and Private Sectors to Finance Disaster Risks

This publication from SwissRe, an international reinsurance and financial services group, explains the mechanisms and advantages that public-private partnerships can provide. The increasing severity and frequency of natural catastrophes are driving up the cost of disaster relief and reconstruction. The gap between the actual economic loss and the insured loss is large, especially in developing and emerging markets which are those most hurt and the least prepared. New forms of public-private partnerships can help countries absorb the financial consequences of catastrophic events and can make them more resilient. The reinsurance sector contributes to innovative solutions that close part of the gap between economic and insured losses. This publication explains the mechanisms and advantages of such solutions using real-life case studies. The Swiss Re report, “Closing the Financial Gap: New partnerships between the public and private sectors to finance disaster risks,” is available by clicking here.  


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