Northeast & Southeast EDA Regions Needs Assessments for Fiscal Year 2011 Disasters

These needs assessments were conducted to help IEDC and the NADO Research Foundation (the Team) to develop a deeper understanding of southeastern and northeastern communities’ and regions’ needs related to post-disaster economic recovery. The assessments were conducted for counties that were presidentially declared a disaster during fiscal year 2011. Specific goals of the needs assessment were to:
  • Achieve a better understanding of the severity and impacts on regional economies of the natural disasters that affected the Northeast and Southeast;
  • Identify what communities and regions perceive as their priority needs in terms of economic recovery;
  • Understand the short and long-term recovery strategies communities and regions have identified to address their recovery needs;
  • Identify local and regional capacity to deal with economic recovery issues;
  • Prioritize the needs for outside assistance to help implement the identified recovery strategies;
  • Identify communities and regions with shared recovery priorities and strategies that could be grouped in a common forum or participate in joint technical assistance and training programs; and
  • Prioritize areas with repetitive events and the greatest economic damage from disasters.
These needs assessments were based on the following: 1. A review of federal and other national data sets; 2. An electronic scan distributed to the Team’s member networks; 3. Outreach to communities and regions to conduct personal interviews.

Click here to download the Northeast EDA Region Needs Assessment

Click here to download the Southeast EDA Region Needs Assessment


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