COVID-19 Reopening Resources

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, nearly every US state and territory has declared a state of emergency, closed businesses, and enforced social distancing. However, as the end dates for many of these shelter in place orders draws near, businesses are beginning to pivot and think about reopening strategies. We have identified the below federal, state and private resources in preparation for  this time of transition. 

Federal Resources:

CDC: Interim Guidance for Businesses and Employers to Plan and Respond to Coronavirus Disease 2019

This article discusses how employers can limit the impact of COVID on their workplace by reducing transmission among employees, maintaining healthy business operations, and maintaining a healthy work environment. 

White House: Guidelines- Opening up American Again

This three-phased approach details the responsibilities of both employers and individuals at each step of the reopening process. 

US Department of Labor: Interim Guidance for Specific Worker Groups and their Employees

This article includes a breakdown by industry of guidance each worker group should follow regarding the hierarchy of controls, safe work practices and PPE.

National Retail Federation: Coronavirus Resources for Retailers

This list of COVID resources for the retail industry details economic and loan resources and federal resources, as well as resources broken down by department.

State Resources:

CNN: This is where all 50 states stand on reopening

This list contains updated information about when each state plans to reopen.

Husch Blackwell: Assisting businesses with key questions regarding evolving COVID-19 orders and restrictions

This resource center contains information broken down by state on business restrictions, varying definitions of “essential businesses” and “essential employees” and the latest emerging restrictions, orders and guidance. 

National Retail Federation: State Resources for Retailers on COVID-19

This site contains a breakdown by state of updates on coronavirus resources for retailers.

Private Resources:

CNBC: How the biggest companies in the world are preparing to bring back their workforce

This article includes a breakdown of how a variety of industries such as the airline industry, financial industry, retail industry and automotive industry are preparing return-to-work policies. 

Marsh: COVID-19- Reopening for Business in a Post-Coronavirus World

This article details six topics businesses will need to address in order to re-open for business. 

Lear Corp: Safe Work Playbook Files

Lear Corp, a Fortune 500 automotive parts supplier with production plants in 39 countries including China’s Hubei Province, has created an 80+ page manual to share with their detailed protocols for everything from sanitation procedures, to health screenings, to social distancing in break rooms, to creating an in-house pandemic response team.


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