BRE on Steroids

By Laith Wardi, Owner, ExecutivePulse, Inc.

Now, more than ever, economic development and allied professionals need to systematically and aggressively communicate with their private-sector customers. Think BR&E on steroids! In a majority of instances, there will be little we can do to address the pain points of individual business concerns. However, we can and should chronicle and understand the plight of our business community in a general context. Once we get a critical mass of composite intelligence from our business community about COVID-19, we must use it to inform local, state and federal governmental partners so they, in turn, can craft meaningful programs, policies and strategies that are responsive to the crisis. Certainly, it’s impossible to understand the latent impact of this health crisis on our population without, first, testing. We need to apply that same rationale to our business community—extensively screening the private-sector to determine the nature and extent of COVID-19 on commerce today…and tomorrow.

Laith Wardi is the Owner of ExecutivePulse, Inc.


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