In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, on March 23, IEDC began a series of free webinars to help the economic development profession address effects in their communities, and to spread the news about resources to do so. 

This page will be updated with links related to the weekly webinars, which are scheduled to happen Mondays at 3:00 going forward. This page also contains overviews and links to related webinars from Economic Development Week, held May 4 - May 8. Future webinars and registration information can be found here

Monday May 11: COVID-19: Workforce, Labor, and Skills in a Recovering Economy

The Coronavirus pandemic has changed the experience of workers in our economy - from those who are filing for unemployment for the first time to those who are living through the strain of being deemed "essential". With workers re-evaluating their careers, and companies re-evaluating their practices and labor needs, this crisis becomes an inflection point for those concerned with workforce development. In this webinar, four experts will provide insight into what economic development organizations can be doing at this time. The session was moderated by Scott Martinez, President of the North Louisiana Economic Partnership. The speakers were Rob Garcia, Manager at Business Leaders United, Joshua Wright, Executive Vice President of Economic and Workforce Development at Emsi, Jane Oates, President of WorkingNation and Janet Salm, Managing Director of Research at the Strada Institute for the Future of Work. 

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Friday, May 8: EDW Webinar: Measuring Economic Development Impact and Storytelling - Best Practices to Gain Grant Dollars

Economic developers are so focused on improving their communities that reporting and measurement often get lost in the shuffle. But understanding how to measure your ED efforts, and translating that to a strong narrative is essential in the grant application process. How do ED professionals implement tactics to capture results, and build solid speaking points? Join IEDC this Economic Development Week to celebrate the economic development profession, and learn how to build a narrative on your efforts and win more grant dollars.

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Wednesday, May 6: Rethinking BR&E in the COVID-19 Era 

Business retention and expansion has always been the basis for successful economic development. In the era of COVID-19 a strong BR&E program is more essential than ever before. However, the pervasive health and economic consequences of this global pandemic require economic developers to rethink our traditional mindset and approaches to BR&E. Whether you already have a BR&E program or want to implement one, tune into this conversation between Laith Wardi, President and founder of ExecutivePulse, and Jeff Finkle, President and CEO of the International Economic Development Council for a roadmap to resilience and recovery as economic developers face an uncertain future with COVID-19.

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Tuesday, May 5: EDW Webinar: Reinforcing Small Business and Commercial Districts

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many of our small businesses are temporarily closed and activity within commercial districts has temporarily declined. For communities that are already recovering from a disaster, the COVID-19 pandemic is an additional challenge to recovery. Statistically, one in four small businesses does not reopen after a disaster. What does that mean for the small businesses that make up an essential base of our commercial districts?

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Monday, May 4: COVID -19: The Bottom-Line: How to Fund Your Organization Through the Pandemic and Beyond

Keeping your organization afloat financially can be difficult in the best of times; in a pandemic, all bets are off. We know that economic development organizations are essential to healthy economies today, and, in the hard months of recovery that are still to come. In this webinar, you'll learn how you can convey that message to your funders, who may be experiencing their own crises. Experts in fundraising will provide insight for speaking to different audiences, from elected officials to private sector to institutions. We'll also hear about organizations that are bringing lines of credit and federal loans into their fundraising strategies.

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Thursday, April 30 COVID-19: Future Scenarios, Near-Term and Far

While many economic developers have their nose to the grindstone helping to deliver needed resources to their communities, larger questions loom in the distance. How can we re-open safely? How can we stabilize our supply chains to ensure that medical products are available? What will the economy look like in a year? For this webinar, IEDC brings together national economic experts to weigh in on the questions that keep us up at night, so you can begin to look ahead.

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Monday April 27: COVID-19: Rebuilding Municipalities Around the Globe

Outside of the national governments, what is happening across the globe locally and regionally to support businesses? While national responses to COVID-19 are ongoing, economic developers are working to maintain industries, sustain local businesses, and plan for the future. As part of IEDC's COVID-19 Webinar Series, our speakers will share how municipalities outside of the United States are tackling issues locally to maintain existing activities, programming, and tools.

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Monday April 20: COVID-19: Boost Your COVID-19 Tech Toolbox

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The COVID-19 epidemic has brought a lot of uncertainty to economic developers and the communities and businesses we serve. Some of this uncertainty can be relieved by utilizing technology tools to understand how the virus will impact your community, such as where to concentrate resources and which businesses are in need. Internal organizational uncertainty must also be addressed, as social distancing has required transition to teleworking systems and virtual group meeting platforms.

In this webinar, our economic development technology experts will share various tools to incorporate digital literacy, technologies, and complimentary services into your new day-to-day workflow. This will be the introductory webinar of the COVID-19 Tech Toolbox Series where our experts will provide demos of leading softwares to enhance your tech capabilities during and after this crisis.

Monday, April 6 COVID-19: A Ten-Point Action Plan for Economic Developers

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You need a plan. Several weeks into the worst public health crisis in generations, with several weeks likely remaining, the global economy is reeling. What is to come will be a complex series of response and recovery stages, and decisions you make now will have a lasting impact. Richard Florida and Steven Pedigo will discuss their ten-point action plan for economic developers to help you and your community mobilize. Our third free webinar in the COVID-19 series will outline a path forward that could help your economy come back stronger, more inclusive and more resilient.

Friday, April 3 - COVID-19: CARES Act - A Closer Look with IEDC

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Join IEDC's Jeff Finkle and Matt Mullin for a closer look at the landmark CARES Act, a $2 trillion bill meant to stimulate the economy by providing resources to individuals, state & local governments, organizations and businesses. We will discuss key provisions of the bill that will impact economic development for years to come, as well as the latest in navigating these new resources.

March 30, 2020 - COVID-19: Demystifying Financial Programs & Resources

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Economic developers provide details and advice on the recently-passed CARES Act and other financing programs for businesses. Featuring Robin Barnes, Principal at Resilience Resolutions; Vincent DiCara, Founder of DiCara Training and Consulting; Brett Doney, CEcD, FM and President/CEO of Great Falls Montana Development Authority and John Zakian, National Disaster Resilience Grant Program Manager with the City of Minot, ND presented. The Honorable Jane Campbell, President/CEO of the US Capitol Historical Society, served as moderator.  

March 23, 2020 - COVID-19: Preparing for What Comes Next

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Featuring Bill Allen, CEO of the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation (LAEDC); Mike Williams, general manager of the City of Toronto; and Jeff Sjostrom, president of the Galveston Economic Development Partnership (GEDP), were joined on the panel by Mike Grella of consultancy Grella Partnership Strategies. Eloisa Klementich, president and CEO of Invest Atlanta, served as moderator.

The objectives of the webinar were to discuss what economic development organizations (EDOs) can do now to support businesses in their communities; how EDOs are adjusting their staff and focusing internally; and what to expect when this crisis passes.





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