Business Continuity & Preparedness

Ensuring businesses continuity and preparedness is a concern for business owners and economic developers alike. This page list resources that assist in ensuring business continuity post-disaster and how to prepare for disasters to ensure business continuity.

Business Financing

This page lists business financing resources for economic developers and stand-alone businesses. Includes both pre-disaster and post-disaster resources.

Business Resilience

This page list resources for business owners and economic developers to ensure the  ability of an organization or business(s) to absorb the impact of a disaster or other significant disturbance and to still continue to provide an acceptable level of service.

Business Retention

There is a need to focus on creating the best possible business environment for existing businesses and attracting new businesses post-disaster. These resources will help retain, expand, and grow businesses.

Capacity Building

Immediately following a disaster, economic development organizations and chambers of commerce are likely to be operating at reduced capacity. This topic provides resources to help build capacity to meet the post-disaster demand.


Communication is always compromised in a post-disaster situation. A breakdown in communication is cited as one of the most difficult barriers to overcome for the business community after a disaster has impacted their community. Browse these resources to learn more about communication pre and post-disaster.

Community Disaster Planning

Resources and examples on community response plans, evacuation plans, and other areas regarding community disaster planning.

Community Resilience

This page provides resources for community resilience, which is the capability to anticipate risk, limit impact, and recover quickly after a significant disruption or disaster.

Disaster Preparedness & Planning

Preparing for a disaster allows your community and businesses a guide to recovery post-disaster. This resource provides examples of plans pre and post disaster, guides to planning, and other useful resources as your community prepares.

Economic Diversification

Economic diversification may be defined as a process in which a growing range of economic outputs are produced. Diversified economies are more capable of successful economic recovery. These resources are about diversifying economies both pre and post disaster.

Economic Recovery Assessment

To capture the needs of a community and businesses post-disaster an economic recovery assessment should be completed. This page provides resources and examples of successful assessments and how they assisted in the recovery process.

Economic Recovery Planning

A post-disaster strategic plan provides the opportunity to re-evaluate economic objectives in light of vulnerabilities to disaster, and establish strategies and action steps to make progress toward long-term recovery.

Federal Resources

This page provides resources of the federal system related to disaster preparedness and economic recovery for businesses, organizations, and local government officials.

Infrastructure Recovery

This page lists resources for redevelopment and infrastructure improvements of commercial and industrial areas after a major disaster.


Strong leadership both pre and post disaster can make a dramatic difference in the economic recovery and preparedness of a region or community. These resources will provide tips and guides on how to strongly lead pre and post disaster to better equip your organization, community, or region with recovery and preparedness.

Public-Private Partnership

A public-private partnership describes a government service or private business venture which is funded and operated through a partnership of government and one or more private sector companies. These partnerships can be beneficial to both parties and ensure projects are funded or ran that may otherwise not.



Risk Management

This page list resources regarding risk management, which includes identifying, assessing and reducing the risks of disaster.

Small Business Assistance

Small businesses require additional assistance with disaster recovery and preparedness. With roughly 40% of small businesses not reopening post-disaster proper planning and recovery strategies can reduce this number. These resources are to assist small businesses prepare and recovery from a disaster.

Tourism Recovery

These resources provide guides and recommendations on tourism recovery and improving the tourism industry post-disaster, marketing strategies, regional cooperation, key opportunities and challenges, and offers key action steps communities can take for tourism recovery.



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