Peer Learning Forum of Innovative Approaches to Disaster Recovery and Economic Resiliency

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This report from June, 2011 outlines the existing roles being played by Economic Development Districts (EDDs) in disaster recovery and resiliency, including policy, program and organizational barriers and opportunities that these organizations have faced after major economic disruptions. It also examines potential leadership and technical assistance functions of EDDs as well as efforts to perform stronger disaster resiliency planning throughout the country. This report is based off a learning forum conducted by The National Association of Development Organizations (NADO) with support from the EDA. The forum  was a peer exchange of nine regional development organizations (RDOs) involved in post-disaster economic recovery initiatives. All of the forum participants, representing six states (Florida, Iowa, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Dakota and Wisconsin) have been involved in rebuilding their regional and local economies following devastating hurricanes, floods, ice storms, tornadoes and other federally declared natural disasters in recent years.


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