The 2020 hurricane season is predicted to be one of the worst on record. In any typical year, this would present many challenges, but during the COVID-19 pandemic and the face of "Dual Disaster", preparation for this hurricane season is particularly important. On Thursday, August 27, join IEDC for a webinar to get up to speed on this topic. 


State and municipal budgets are suffering as a result of decreased tax revenues, and increased expenditures related to public health and employee healthcare and unemployment costs. Due to unemployment, income tax revenue is down, while sales tax and gasoline taxes have also decreased. State governments are paying increasing funds to cover residents’ unemployment, as well as covering Medicaid payments and services for low-income residents. The St. Louis Federal Reserve reports that, since February, 1.2 million local government jobs have been lost. And, according to one estimate, states could face a gap of at least $555 billion.


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