Building Local Government Financial Resilience to Disasters Workshop Materials Now Online

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On June 4, the NADO Research Foundation, the Rural Policy Research Institute (RUPRI), and the Northwest Georgia Regional Commission (NWGRC) came together to host Building Local Government Financial Resilience to Disasters in Calhoun, Georgia.  This one-day workshop walked city and county financial officers, emergency managers, and elected officials from NWGRC’s 15-county region through a process they can use to prepare financially for natural disasters, helping them understand the costs they may face from disasters, evaluate their ability to pay for those costs, and identify strategies for covering projected shortfalls.  The training, which was conducted with support from EDA, was based on a workbook previously published by the NADO Research Foundation and RUPRI, Financial Planning for Disasters: A Workbook for Local Governments and Regions.

Click here to view the workshop materials.

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