Webinar Recording: Broadband Technology Has Arrived…Now What?

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On February 11, 2016, IEDC held this webinar titled Broadband Technology Has Arrived…Now What? Broadband technology is a key asset to a growing and thriving economy. Cities are establishing high-speed internet service for their citizens and businesses to be competitive in the global economy. Yet just having the technology is not enough to foster economic opportunities. When communities are able to leverage the new technology to create opportunities to train their workers, assist small business owners, attract new customers, and cultivate an atmosphere for the attraction and development of new businesses that did not exist previously, everybody wins. This webinar discusses how communities are leveraging broadband technology to create economic opportunities. Speakers
  • Bill Coleman has worked with communities throughout rural Minnesota on bridging the connection between telecommunications and economic development.
  • Sharon Farr-Combes ran the Vermont Digital Economy Project, which helped communities impacted by Tropical Storm Irene use digital tools and strategies for spur economic growth.
Click here to download the webinar recording(MP4). Click here to download Bill Coleman's presentation(PDF), and here to download Sharon Farr-Combes presentation (PDF).


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