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Funded by the U.S. Economic Development Administration (EDA), RestoreYourEconomy.org provides resources and best practice information for public and private stakeholders seeking to rebuild their local economies after a disaster as well as assisting the business community in preparing for a disaster. It is a one-stop shop of disaster preparedness, post-disaster economic recovery, and disaster resiliency resources, tools, event announcements as well as opportunities to connect with peers through social media groups. The site exposes readers to the critical issues and challenges, highlights lessons learned in the response and recovery process, as well as suggests resources and best practices to use in restoring the local economy after a disaster. This includes articles, whitepapers, presentations, briefings, documents, website links, and other relevant resources to assist your community in the disaster preparedness or recovery process.


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RestoreYourEconomy.org is managed and regularly updated by Delaney Luna at the International Economic Development Council (IEDC) in cooperation with the U.S. Economic Development Administration (EDA).


IEDC would like to thank the U.S. Economic Development Administration (EDA)’s Atlanta, Austin, and Philadelphia Regional Offices for their financial support that enabled development of resources and this website. The statements, findings, conclusions, recommendations, and other data on this site are  those of IEDC and do not necessarily reflect the views of the U.S. Economic Development Administration. IEDC would also like to acknowledge all current and past partners in disaster recovery projects that led to many of the publications and reports on this website. This includes Southwest Airlines, a community partner in disaster recovery, for their donation of flights for IEDC's technical assistance teams and projects under multiple U.S. Economic Development Administrations grants. IEDC would also like to acknowledge StateBook International, ESRI Inc., and Economic Modeling Specialists International for donating software that is used in many of the publications found on this website. Lastly, IEDC thanks all of the expert professionals who have donated their time, knowledge, and advice with the many products on this website, including the webinars, technical assistance reports, and publications.  


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